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Monday, December 12, 2011

You taught me how to trust, you taught me how to love.

( You set aside your dreams, so that I could follow my own.)
Children take their dad's for granted. But I want to thank my dad for all the things we did when I was little, for all the laughter, patience & comfort.
thank you for your stories, songs, and riddles. THANK YOU for making my childhood wonderful. Thank you for always bringing a little magic into my life. Thank you for opening the book of life for me, for showing me amazument in everything.

When you feel like the world is falling apart, just remember that NO ONE can take our jokes, happy silliness, & advenutres away from us.
YOU are the rock which I have built my life around, your love never failed me, wisdom or laughter.
Thank you for all the happy, silly things, terrible kokes the clowning, the outings that went wrong

YOU ARE THE VERY BEST DAD, a princess like me could have asked for.
You've always been the best protection, either far away or close to me. you are a part of my life; my hopes, my achievments. my courage in adversity. I turn to you for encouragement justs a I did,

DAD:) Thank you for all the sacrifices that you made for me. you kept your fears and pain to your self. For us you have always been confidencet & full of happiness & reassurance.

You carried me high on your shoulders, you showed me the world. Thank you for the joys you crafted out of love. Thank you for the great companionship we have shared.

{thank you for your neverending love.}
your smiles, your frowns, your scholings and your laughter for your wisdom & mistakes. for your teasing and your teaching.

You are the one I trust when everything else fails. you have given me confidence to stand alone.
Thank you for the rituals of childhood. The run down the passage into your arms.
THANK YOU: for showing me that courtesy costs nothing, and a smile even less, but that they matter more than most things do.

You have the gift of procrastination.
Although I've grown, I will always love you.

You gave me courage to have hope & always look at the best in people. You make me go on believing in kindness, gentleness & concern when all the world seems mad.

There has been nowhere as safe as me being in your amrs, nothing so comforting as your voice. You are my protection & my companion threw my teenage years.

You taught me lovely unnescessary things. How to throw hand shadows on a wall, to skim stones and blow through grass, making a coin vanish & turn a glass of water upside down.

Thank you for being proud of me, even in my small successes and loveing me in failure. Thank  you for liking me as I am. thank you for holding me steady till I found my feet for guiding me untill I could find the way, for letting me walk on, out of sight. for being there with unchaning love.
Thank you for lettin gme realize that's it's okay to fail, to see that failiure teachs you something. thank you for loving and believing in me.

THANK YOU, for teaching me about friendhsip, kindness & concern.  For eveything I have every achived, you gave me the courgae to begin. 
{You opened a thousand doors for me, but you always let me choose the road that I should take. }

You have been thre for me, ALWAYS. Loveing me when I was nearly impossible to love. Helping me; when I didn't deserver your help.

[Dad's give us a certainty that we w\never lose a constant source of strenght & love.] 

You are an amazing man, dad and best friend.
Thank you for always being there for me.
thank you for being so kind and caring.
thank you for putting up with a teenager.
thank you for the hugs you give.

I can't wait till I get to see you.
don't ever forget.

I love that smile of yours.
I love your jokes.
you make me smile.

you are AWESOME.
You are my hero.
so keep being a good dad, you'll be my hero forever and always.
I can't express my gratitude towards you.
I love you, so much. 

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