ships in the night.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

decemeber, 2011.

So far, you've been good to me.
It's snowed about once, but it melted. 
Tomorrow is the last day of school.
I didn't go today because i'm sick.
Christmas is coming, i'm super excited.
I wonder what I'll get for christmas this year..
Maybe a car.
I wanna get kissed under a mistletoe.
I absolutely love Christmas music. 
Christmas movies are my favorite.
Today, i;m gonna watch the grinch
and on christmas day i;ll watch the polar express.
I love the whole feeling of christmas.
This year I want to go out of my way, and give someone else the best christmas ever.
christmas is about giving. 
Christmas is about spending it with the ones you love.
I'm blessed. 
I get to.
I;m excited.
I want to build a snow man
& go sledding.
Drink hot chocolate

and roast marshellows
in the fire place.
Christmas lights amaze me.

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