ships in the night.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One step at a time.

MOVING... sucked.
the whole fact of getting rid of many things.
My house... my room.. the hardest was going into a new room.
which is weird, because i created an atachment to my bed room.
it was always nice coming home from school and going to my pink room.
We had our days, i would say my room is the place anythings happened.
our glitter fights. kitties running around the wood floor, the birds flying around.
Sleep overs with friends.
Leaving it behind was hard.
Leaving friends.
but this move has been great.
it's been a blessing.
I couldn't have asked for something better.
Ya, I miss Orem.
But i'm loving it here.
The weather is just so great, but that's a bonus.
School started, which was hard.
different. the teachers are great and so are the kids.
i feel like i'm making friends fast.
which is a good thing.
I finally have people to hang out with on weekend.

People down here are so friendly.
I love my ward.
they are the best.
New beggings was today. which was wonderful. totally what i needed.

Life is grand. I have every reason to be greatful.
every reason to smile.
every reason to be happy.

people will forget about you.
people will stop to worry.
you're true friends will always be there for you.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

heavenly father is to kind; he put good people in our lives.

 I love you. That sounds weird, but I do.
You are such a blessing in our lives.
You are such a sweetheart.
It's crazy, beyond crazy.
Reading your blog makes me cry.
I'm glad you and Natalia are friends.
You have made a big difference in her life.
We talk about you often. Well mostly Natalia.

Yeah, don't ever move.
Moving is hard, & different.
Natalia starts her very first day at school tomorrow.
She's going to a charter school.. It should be fun!
She gets to wear a unifrom.
She's not happy about that.
but it's cute.

Guess what! Next year I might even be lucky enough to be able to go to school with her!
It's something I've always wanted to go to school with my sister.

I can't imagne how hard it is to see two of your best friends leave the same week.
but dang girl, you're super strong.
Thank you for praying for us.
It sure has helped!
You are wonderful.
Please stay in our lives forever?

We are going to orem.
Soon... Wanna know how soon?
SUPER SOON! like four more days.
So you & natalia better be hanging out!:)
if you can.

St. George is fun, there is so many pretty mountains/hills!
You better be coming down soon to see us!
We have a hot tub, tramp, & it's warm here!
so if you ever need to get away from the lovely snow,
we are only four hours away. You're more then welcome here!

Merry late Christmas?
& a happy new year.
Make 2012 a even better year!

Keep up your amazing soccer skills!
Next thing you know you'll be on the Timpanogos team!
& you'll have Natalia & I cheering you!
I want natalia to get back into soccer.
We talked about it, then natalia said
then i'll play against Aubrey,
& my mom said something about... How is it going to be playing against your best friend.

You are such a good influence in mine and natalias life.
You guys will always be friends! 
I love reading you're blog.
I feel like such a creep because I wrote this about you, but I felt the need to let you know. it's silly. but I'm here for you whenever you need a friend or even an "older sister."
Natalia & I love you!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It's all happening to fast.
First it's my first day of school
Then it's my last at Timpanogos.
Next thing I know I've moved away.
Moved away from my life.
Away from the school I was going to graduate from.
A whole new fresh start.
Some say they're jealous? But why.?
I don't get it. I kinda enjoyed where I was. I enjoyed going to school at nine. Missing first period because they didn't take attendance. I loved the awkward silence in yearbook, nahhh.
I'll sure miss the friends I had, & I sure hope that they'll still be my friends.. In only a couple of hours away. I got broken up with because he didn't want a long distance relationship. I get it.

I really hope this whole new school thing will do me well! I'm positive I'll meet the right people & make wonderful friends!! I can't wait. Tomorrow is my first day at pine view...
Originally I was to go to tuachun.. But they don't let students get in threw half a year. So senior year!!

I feel like such a kid. I'm so excited. I just want it to be the next day! & experience school.

I took a tour if the school earlier today..., CONFUSING. tomorrow I have .. Then ,,, the pe then seminary! I'm ready to get lost!

Morning come faster.