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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December;Christmas break.

My sister and I left las Vegas at 9am. Flights are long. I don't like just sitting there for forever! It's no fun. We stopped in Oklahoma I thought we had arrived. I was so happy. To only find out we hadn't I was disappointed. I went back to sleep, then read the skymall magazine. Very entertaining.

We got in Texas in the 17th. We just bummed around, then got ready for my dads friends party. It was big & there was a lot of people. I fell asleep early because I was so tired.

18th was a Sunday we went to church. It was so nice. We learned about Jesus & his birth. Then they had a little Christmas party, & karaoke. Guess who had the guts to sin in front of many people. Me. Guess who I dragged a long with me. Natalia. Me and singing don't do very well. + I was sick, so I still sounded like a dying cow. Horrible.

19th Discovery green
20th I got to see victor. We went to best buy.
21st Natalia got a laptop. & we went to a friends house. We played dominos! It was fun.
22nd we went to kemah, it's like lagoon but smaller. It's an amusement park/ boardwalk. It's my favorite place.
It was a lot of fun.
23 Natalia left. we skyped.
24th Christmas Eve! We went & got our nails done. It also was raining a lot. It was crazy, the rain was so intense. Then we warped presents. Then we went to dinner at a pizza place, it was so good!

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Aubrey Richards said...

your blog is super cute maisa :) i really miss you guys, but so happy to hear you're having fun! I can't wait to come see you guys soon!