ships in the night.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One step at a time.

MOVING... sucked.
the whole fact of getting rid of many things.
My house... my room.. the hardest was going into a new room.
which is weird, because i created an atachment to my bed room.
it was always nice coming home from school and going to my pink room.
We had our days, i would say my room is the place anythings happened.
our glitter fights. kitties running around the wood floor, the birds flying around.
Sleep overs with friends.
Leaving it behind was hard.
Leaving friends.
but this move has been great.
it's been a blessing.
I couldn't have asked for something better.
Ya, I miss Orem.
But i'm loving it here.
The weather is just so great, but that's a bonus.
School started, which was hard.
different. the teachers are great and so are the kids.
i feel like i'm making friends fast.
which is a good thing.
I finally have people to hang out with on weekend.

People down here are so friendly.
I love my ward.
they are the best.
New beggings was today. which was wonderful. totally what i needed.

Life is grand. I have every reason to be greatful.
every reason to smile.
every reason to be happy.

people will forget about you.
people will stop to worry.
you're true friends will always be there for you.

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