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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It's all happening to fast.
First it's my first day of school
Then it's my last at Timpanogos.
Next thing I know I've moved away.
Moved away from my life.
Away from the school I was going to graduate from.
A whole new fresh start.
Some say they're jealous? But why.?
I don't get it. I kinda enjoyed where I was. I enjoyed going to school at nine. Missing first period because they didn't take attendance. I loved the awkward silence in yearbook, nahhh.
I'll sure miss the friends I had, & I sure hope that they'll still be my friends.. In only a couple of hours away. I got broken up with because he didn't want a long distance relationship. I get it.

I really hope this whole new school thing will do me well! I'm positive I'll meet the right people & make wonderful friends!! I can't wait. Tomorrow is my first day at pine view...
Originally I was to go to tuachun.. But they don't let students get in threw half a year. So senior year!!

I feel like such a kid. I'm so excited. I just want it to be the next day! & experience school.

I took a tour if the school earlier today..., CONFUSING. tomorrow I have .. Then ,,, the pe then seminary! I'm ready to get lost!

Morning come faster.

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Aubrey Richards said...

maisa i hope you have so much fun in st. george! I hope you make wonderful friends, and come visit often! You are so easy to like, that they'd be crazy to ignore you!! I've been praying for you guys! hope you had fu, wishing you only the best.