ships in the night.

Monday, May 28, 2012

this time of year.

May is the best time of the year.

Because school ends
& summer starts.
My summer started two weeks ago.
which has been fun.
I've been soaking up the sun.
St. George is really the best place to live.
People from up north come down, all the time pretty much.
Which is nice because I get to catch up with my friends more then I thought I would. 
Last week it was boy 
and this weekend is my gorgeous friend Mayra. 
I;ve had so many amazing people come into my life thes past few month and past years.
It's like theres a right path, and im on that path making good friends.
I'm so blessed and greatful.
I love everyone around me.
there is so much to do in this cute city.
life is wonderful.
i have fanastic parents.
which so happens that my dad is coming into town today.
Pretty excited for that.
it's been a couple of months sense I have seen him.
but we stay close.
he knows everything about me.
I want to marry someone as amazing as my daddy.
he will go out of his way to get you anything.
he will scarifece his life for you.
Im blessed and so is my little sister. well..
I love you papa.
I love you mama even thought you have a low temper sometimes.
i love you nat even though you can be really mean and hurt my feelings sometimes. 

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