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Monday, November 24, 2008

BIRTHDAY!!!! (: thanks giving random!

ahh.. my birthday is in like 4 days!
i think my mommy is annyoed of me telling her how many days till my birthday!
but school is almost out for break so... i am excited. and for break im going to some random city to stay in our resort! ha its like a 4 hour drive!! long long!! oh well ill sleep in the car! or try to!!
and my birthday is a day before thanksgivving!!!!!
i also love thanks givving! cause then i can eat alot of fooood and get FAT!!!
ha ha saren look im gonna get fat~ and were not in p.e. so theres nothing you can do about that!!!
christmas is almost here too!!!! i love the smell of christimas! and all the joy and the cheery songs!! only 31 days till christimas i think!!

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Saren Atkisson said...

um i dont think you could ever get fat!